Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mix Tape #40 - Chiapas! I MUST GO THERE!

Because of school and other things this got kind of Iron Chef in that I just threw a bunch of songs together. And I fear I made shrimp cakes with butt sauce.

But, still. There's some good stuff in here. I swear!

Three songs come from this. It's a weird little compilation of Turkish folks living in Germany and making Turkish-y music while singing in German. The combination is oddly endearing but the songs here are the only ones I really like. (Psst. I wouldn't buy it.)

Oh. And this is my second favorite music video ever:

Herbie Mann sure has a hairy chest.

And that Charles Wilp album is terrible. Don't buy that, either.

I'm not making you want to listen to this, am I?

Side A
1. Sender Freie Rakete - Istanbul Berlin
2. Wu Tang Clan - Fast Shadow
3. Gangsters of Love - Sorry
4. Flesheaters - The Wedding Dice
5. Turid - Välkomme Hus
6. Volkanik Man - Oriental Lady
7. Unknown - Istanbul
8. Karate - Diazapam
9. Ivan and Pricila - Mandu
10. Helium - Leon's Space Song
11. Herbie Mann - Push Push

Side B
1. Jackie-O Motherfucker - Chiapas! I MUST GO THERE !
2. Apache Indian - Boom Shack-A-Lak
3. Charles Wilp - Bunny
4. Cal Tjader and Charlie Byrd - My Cherie Amour
5. Damien Jurado - Texas To Ohio
6. Wesley Willis - Annie Vookman
7. Hot Snakes - Plenty For All
8. Ensaio de Escola - Welcome to Rio
9. Fresh Familee - Ahmet Gundez I
10. Cows - By The Throat
11. Telegraph Avenue - Tookie Tookie
12. Death In Vegas & Hope Sandoval - Help Yourself

Oh. Hey. Can you do me a favor? If you know what the instrument featured in that Ensaio de Escola song is called, could you email me? It's just about my favorite instrument, but I've been unsuccessful when trying to google image "Brazilian instrument that goes 'hoo-a-ha-ha.'"