Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mix Tape #17 - Shh!

This is a quiet mix. The caveat being I have a funny idea of what quiet is.

I thought this didn't have a theme, but when I listened to it again I realized that I was subconsciously forming a soundtrack to all the stuff going on in my life right now. I mean, my bathroom IS a private kind of place. Spooky!

This Zwan song doesn't fit with the above observation, but it is nonetheless one of my favorite covers of all time. <3 Pajo. You can hear it via this youtube of Spun's opening credits.

That movie's unnecessarily vilified, in my opinion. You get to see Mira Suvari's poo! HOTT. (Ok. Not. But I thought the movie was fun in spite of that scene.)

Anyway, I hope you like it. Oh. And is it me or does it sound like they're singing "FUCK. ME. UP." in that Sleater Kinney song? The lyrics are actually "FIND. ME. OUT." but I swear I never hear it that way.

Side A
1. Sebadoh - Not Too Amused
2. Avanço 5 - Shut Up
3. Acetone - All You Know
4. The Evens - Shelter Two
5. Pink Floyd - Fearless
6. The Mountain Goats - Balance
7. Suicide - I Remember
8. Zwan - Number Of The Beast
9. Regina Spektor - On The Radio
10. Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
11. Tindersticks - Here

Side B
1. Donovan - Co'dine
2. Marsha Hunt - (Oh No Not) The Beast Day
3. Salem 66 - Sleep On Flowers
4. Luna - Pup Tent
5. Patti Smith - Wing
6. Unknown - My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
7. Sleater-Kinney - Heart Factory
8. Dame Fate - Lovely Drug
9. Pinebender - Fifth And Last

And here is your link. SHOUT BAMMA LAMMA.