Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mix Tape #21 - They Stab It With Their Steely Knives But They Just Can't Kill The Beast

The beast in question here is that truly awful cover of "Hotel California." I pretty much love everything that Nancy Sinatra has done, but that's a huge mis-step. So bad it's essential.

The rest of the mix is a little scattershot genre-wise, but, eh, it sounded good enough to listen to a few times. And it led to me to find this nice little youtube which I listened to about 100 times:

Not much else to say other than Janitor Joe is a fun band and if you like that song you should look for more. It features a member or members of The Bastards who are also fun. If someone hasn't beaten me to it, I'll post an album of theirs this week.

Welp. Here's the tracklist:

Side A
1. Bobbie Gentry and Donovan - Bugs
2. Uzeda - This Heat
3. Cacka Israelsson - Flotie Flatie Boogie
4. Georges Delerue - Bowling Bresilien
5. George Jones - Okie from Muskogee
6. Lee Hazlewood - No Train to Stockholm
7. Slint - Cortez the Killer
8. Anita Lindblom - Cigarettes
9. Boredoms - Molecicco
10. Os Meninos de Deus - Aleluia
11. Vanilla Fudge - Stra (Illusions Of My Childhood, Part One)/You Keep Me Hanging On/Wber (Illusions Of My Childhood, Part Two)
12. Lynsey de Paul - Crossword Puzzle

Side B
1. Zalatnay Sarolta - Csodabogár
2. Great Plains - Dick Clark
3. Country Teasers - Hairy Wine 2
4. Wayne Shorter - Adam's Apple
5. Janitor Joe - African Necklace
6. Nancy Sinatra - Hotel California
7. Senta Berger - Vergiss Mich, Wenn Du Kannst
8. The Pandoras - In And Out Of My Life (In A Day)
9. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Shub-a-doe
10. The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live, Honolulu)
11. Archie Shepp - I Got It Bad (And That Aint Good)