Friday, November 21, 2008

Prolapse - When Space Invaders Were Big b/w Anthrax

I got this because it sounded like a great idea. No one else should touch Gang of Four's "Anthrax," really. Not Jesus. Not Led Zeppelin. It is a perfect song. Think of it as the Jesus cup in Indiana Jones 3 and then think of Prolapse as Indiana Jones. Or don't. I know it's a shitty metaphor.

Anyway. How I love them. How I'd give every penny in my bindle to fly out to Scotland or wherever they're from to see a reunion show. But this will never happen. Because I think one of them's an archaeologist or some shit now.

Oh. Wait. So it was an apt metaphor.

The surprise here for me is that the A side's the true killer, totally bringing their signature cacophony/call & response/brogue vs. siren call mayhem. Joy is here for the taking.

I am posting below a different song by them from the absolutely perfect album The Italian Flag.

And here is the rest.