Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mix Tape #4 - I ♥ Perry Rhodan

This mix got rolling with a track from that completely far-out soundtrack. It comes from a franchise of late 60's German sci-fi movies that appear to be a complete scream and I need to find out if any are available with English subtitles.

The soundtrack's out on Diggler records who also put together one for Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt which is apparently this freaky Thunderbirds Are Go type kids show with about 1/1,000th the budget. A track from that is on this week's entry.

I wish I had a bunch of Euros so I could get everything in their catalog, because they obviously have bulletproof taste.

So. There's a bunch of soundtracky stuff on here. And some assorted trash. Last time I was in Cincinnati I was pleasantly surprised to see that local rock and roll behemoths SS-20 had made a comeback record. You'll be hearing more from them in the coming weeks. C'mon back!

Here's the track list:

1. Marcello Giombini - SOS Aus Dem Weltall - Seli
2. Chron Gen - Puppets of War
3. Donald Bird - Boom Boom
4. Chang Loo - At Three Springtime
5. Royal Trux - Sewers of Mars
6. Mighty Casey - Liquorland
7. Michel Magne - OSS 117 Huly Guly
8. Pavement - Teenage Piss Party
9. Galt MacDermot - Ripped Open By Metal Explosions
10. Rapeman - Dutch Courage (Demo)
11. Ingfried Hoffman - Guten Flug
12. Monk Higgins - Wichta Lineman
13. Sam Spence - Queen of Diamonds
14. Keren Ann - For You And I

1. Sanford Clark - Better Go Home (Throw That Blade Away)
2. Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
3. Scrawl - Ted Nugent Medley
4. Dalida - Le Petit Gonzales
5. Roxy Music - 2HB
6. Isis - Glisten
7. Memphis Horns - Soul Bowl
8. The Coachmen - Household Word
9. The Who - Whiskeyman
10. Luis Enriquez - Django
11. Acetone - Pinch
12. SS20 - Fossil Fuel