Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mix Tape #36 - Hannah, would you park the car? Here's the keys. Don't scratch it, please.

Well this turned out ok!


- Caesar was a great band from the Netherlands and that song comes from a great Albini-produced album. They were named for Julius Caesar who is famous for being a Roman Emperor.

- Whenever I hear that Thee Michelle Gun Elephant song, I think they're singing "Sloe Gin, Baby." Which is stupid, because what they're actually singing is THE NAME OF THE SONG.

- "Lying" is a Martina Topley Bird cover from her [excellent] album Quixotic.

- There's a pretty shitty video for "Niño Bomba." Which I was going to put in here but i can't.

- The Titan Go Kings are so fucking adorable.

Side A
1. The Jimmy Stuarts - Transformers Theme
2. The Hombres - Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
3. Plastilina Mosh - Niño Bomba
4. Nina Hynes - Swallow
5. DMZ - Mighty Idy
6. Rodriguez - Only Good For Conversation
7. Manu Dibango - The Panther
8. Caesar - Spain
9. Barbara and Ernie - Play With Fire
10. Jeannie C. Riley - Widow Jones
11. House of Large Sizes - Nocturnal
12. Curly Moore - Don't Pity Me
13. Hazel - Everybody's Best Friend
14. Titan Go Kings - Forever Idol

Side B
1. Toni Basil - Mickey (Spanish Version)
2. Nostalgic Progression - Just Another Crew Song
3. The Professionals - Theme From The Godfather
4. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Smokin´ Billy
5. The Twilight Singers - Lying
6. Eddie Bo - Check Your Bucket
7. Hugo Busoni - Controspionaggio
8. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Rio De Janeiro
9. Dana Gillespie - Taffy
10. Carolyn Mark - Edmonton
11. John Holt - Sister Big Stuff
12. Francis Cabrel - Tot Ou Tard S'En Aller