Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mix Tape #26 - I Wonder If An Admittedly Weak Mix Can Be Made Better By Tossing In A Bunch Of 60's Radio Promos...

Sometimes alcohol + internet = awesome. I woke up one morning to find a folder on my desktop and it contained 90 minutes of 60's radio promo spots. I have no recollection from where they came. So I either blacked out or I have the BEST COMPUTER VIRUS EVER.

Here's an example. The Rolling Stones shilling for Rice Krispies:

So anyway, I tossed some of my favorites into a mix that needed some help and it turned out to be just the thing and I enjoyed listening to it a few times and hope you feel the same way.

And hey. No bailing on "Diana." I know it gets off to a rocky start, but it errupts into this great chorus and I swear that thing gets stuck in my head for days on end.

Here's the track list:

Side A
1. The Who - US Air Force Spot
2. Stan Boreson and Doug Setterberg - Everybody's Talkin'
3. Sir Douglas Quintet - Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
4. The Velvet Underground - 3rd LP Spot
5. The Velvet Underground - Temptation Inside Your Heart
6. Sherbet - Coke Spot
7. Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain
8. Nina Hagen - Universal Radio
9. The Rolling Stones - Rice Crispies Spot
10. Fabulous Flee-Rakkers - Summertime
11. Roland Alphonso - Hop Special (Whiter Shade Of Pale)
12. Vanilla Fudge - Coke Spot
13. Comus - Diana
14. Herb Alpert - Diet Pepsi Spot
15. Obits - Lillies In The Street
16. Vox Dei - No Es Por Falta De Suerte
17. John Leyton - Three Cute Chicks
18. 13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods Spot
19. 13th Floor Elevators - Dr. Doom

Side B
1. Iron Butterfly - Ban Roll-On Spot
2. Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
3. Roy Wood - Songs Of Praise
4. Hater - Circles
5. Jefferson Airplane - Levis Spot
6. Ian & Sylvia - You Were On My Mind
7. Bill Lawrence - Pussy Baby
8. Cream - Fallstaff Beer Spot
9. PJ Harvey - Pocket Knife
10. Neil Diamond - Coke Spot
11. Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys - Look-ka-py-py
12. Josh Macrea - Messing About On The River
13. Quicksilver - Chevy Camaro Spot
14. France Gall - J'ai Retrouve Mon Chien
15. Lulu - Gentle Care Hair Spot
16. Joey Heatherton - Live and Learn
17. Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs - Spinning My Wheels
18. Love Generation - Hormel Hot Dogs Spot