Monday, January 19, 2009

Mix Tape #12 - A Day In The Life

This isn't my best work, but there's still some fun stuff things from that Susan Christie album pictured above. I spent a lovely evening revisiting that album and it's just...well here...listen to her awesomeness and watch a K-tel lp spin...

I'm really not sure about the trend of people filming their records spinning, but I am very much for songs about vegetables.

I think that James Brown song was recorded at 33 when it was supposed to be played at 45. Even if that's the case, I like it. I hope you do, too.

Really, I'm not sure what I was going for here. There's no personal significance to "A Day In The Life." Especially since my days are so small. I fed peanuts to the squirrels in the park yesterday. THEY. WERE. ADORABLE. They're so used to being fed, they'll come up and tug on your pants leg. They'll stand up on their hind legs and grab the peanut from your hand. Then they'll go bury it and return with what looks like a chocolate mustache. I almost had an aneurysm from the cute infusion.

Oh. Anyway. Here's the track list:

Side A
1. Wes Montgomery - A Day in the Life
2. The Index - You Keep Me Hanging On
3. Beat the Devil - Mr. Ray
4. Mickey Murray - Shout Bamalama
5. Monique Thubert - Avec Les Dreil
6. Jukka Tolonen - Northern Lights
7. Susan Christie - For The Love Of A Soldier
8. 18th Dye - Can You Wink?
9. Afrika Bambaataa - Cars
10. Sibylle Baier - Tonight
11. Richard Barbary - When Johnny Comes Marching Home
12. Hugo Leão Filho - Valsa Para Fabric

Side B
1. San Ul Lim - It Was Probably Late Summer
2. Swamp Dogg - Sam Stone
3. Lyn Collins - Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again
4. Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where Is My Mind?
5. Freddie Scott - Are You Lonely For Me?
6. Die! Die! Die! - Ashtray! Ashtray!
7. James Brown - World Pt. 1
8. Walter Santos - Pai Do Pai Do Pai
9. Grant Green - A Day In The Life