Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mix Tape #11 - I Can't Do A Cartwheel

That Blatz album up there is one of my favorites and I was actually going to post it, but Alternative Tentacles has reissued it with a ton of extras and I'm totally loving it. I'm going to use the Filth disc for a coaster, though.

So this week's entry has a song by them and a couple of others from splinter bands The Criminals and The Frisk. Both of those are worth looking into, but they never match the brilliant white fury of Blatz.

And, yes, that is "My Hero, Zero" from Schoolhouse Rock. Let's watch another Schoolhouse Rock video.

The quite interesting thing about that, to me, is that the girl in the video was the object of my first impulse of romantic affection. This happened again when The Rescuers came out. I had such an incredible crush on Penny. To demonstrate my love, I used a label maker to write her name and then stuck it in my closet. It looked like this:

And that's really all I have to say. (Oh. And that 18th Dye have a new album. Which is weird to me, but it makes me happy.) Here's the track list:

Side A
1. Blatz - Homemade Speed
2. Danny! - Not The One
3. Funk Funny Four - It Don't Come Easy
4. Vendabait - I'm A Jerk
5. Pat Powdrill & The Powerdrills - They Are The Lonely
6. Beat Happening + The Screaming Trees - Tales of Brave Aphrodite
7. Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
8. Red House Painters - Cruiser
9. Kal Raat Sadak Pe Ek Ladki - Taxi
10. Cilibrinas Do Eden - Nessas Alturas Dos Acontecimentos
11. Franco Battiato - Mutazione
12. Karp - We Ate Sand
13. Bob Dorough - My Hero, Zero

Side B
1. Pansy Division - Bad Boyfriend
2. Klark Kent - Office Girls
3. JW Farquhar - The Want Machine, Part 2
4. The Frisk - Down By The Beautiful Bay
5. Ace Frehley - New York Groove
6. GTO's - Do Me in Once and I'll Be Sad, Do Me in Twice and I'll Know Better
7. The Criminals - The Angry Ouija Board Has Sent Us To Destroy The City Of Berkeley California So Run For Your Fucking Life
8. Ebony Rhythm Band - Light My Fire
9. Wreckless Eric - Semaphore Signals
10. 18th Dye - Aug
11. The Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler
12. Armando Trovaioli - Surf Service
13. Rainbow - Sensitive To Light
14. Robert Johnson - Love In Vain