Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wild In The Streets - OST

Nobody's uploaded the Wild In The Streets soundtrack? Really?

Ok. Then Troubled Teen Week starts with the Wild In The Streets soundtrack. I haven't seen this movie in eons, so my memory is suspect, but I think it involves teenagers poisoning the water supply with LSD in an attempt to gain control of all branches of government. Perfect for inauguration day!

If I remember correctly, Sally Le Roy (pictured to the right of our first teen president Max Frost) was, in fact, elected to congress. But I distinctly remember that the movie did NOT feature news reporters asking 9-year-olds if they'd ever thought they'd live to see this day.

And then Shelley Winters, along with everyone else over 30, was put into an internment camp. And that's about all I remember. Except for getting freaky to this album one night in college. In a weird way, it worked really well!

You can hear the rest of it here.