Tuesday, December 2, 2008

X Ray Spex - Spermfree Geriatric

I guess these are Rough Trade demos and Peel Sessions. And as such they're really raw. I don't know, though...I think some of these songs should be rawer. A good example is "I Can't Do Anything." The studio version of that sounds all Brady Bunch and sunshine handclaps. The version here will poke your eye out.

I was so happy to find this in the late 80's because Germfree was out of print and this was the only way I could listen to these songs. You damn kids with your damn internet.

This is my vinyl rip, so you know it'll be extra shitty. And there's a big old skip on "Plastic Bag." And I didn't break it into tracks. Punk rock!

Side A
1. Oh Bondage Up Yours
2. Obsessed With You
3. Identity
4. Let's Submerge
5. Plastic Bag
6. I Live Off You
7. I Am A Cliche
8. I Can't Do Anything
9. The Day The World Turned Dayglo

Side B
1. Genetic Engineering
2. Identity
3. I Am A Poseur
4. Genetic Engineering
5. Germ Free Adolescents
6. Age
7. Warrior In Woolworths
8. Artificial