Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cynics - Live on WAIF 1989

Sorry for the delay on 150. Still working on it. Hoping to post Sunday. In the meantime, please enjoy this cassette I fished out of a drawer. It's The Cynics playing live on WAIF circa...'89? Yeah. Probably '89. I think I taped some 7"s at the end, too.

If you haven't heard them, they sound like this.

Side A
1. I Want It All
2. Close To Me
3. ?
4. I Want Love
5. Yeah
6. How Could You?
7. The Room
8. Way It's Gonna Be
9. Get My Way
10. You Got The Love
11. Girl, You're On My Mind
12. I Got You Babe
13. Business As Usual
14. Where Are You Now?
15. Never Again

Side B
1. Learn To Lose
2. Haunted
3. Action
4. Baby What's Wrong
5. Shot Down
6. Get Away Girl
7. Lying All The Time
8. Dancing On The Wall
9. I Got Nightmares