Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mix Tape #88 - Honestly

I didn't end up liking what I was originally going to post and, also honestly, I kind of just want to listen to African Head Charge's "Environmental Studies" on endless repeat these days, anyway. And I know I'm not posting anything next week. So I just took my favoritest songs, made one side, and the other side is that album. You're better off that way, really.

Side A
1. Frank Black - Ten Percenter
2. Bran Flakes - Stumble Out of Bed
3. Girl Talk - Oh No
4. The Toys - Deserted
5. The Green Arrows - Towering Inferno
6. Anika - Masters Of War
7. Refused - New Noise
8. Silvery Boys - Você é de Chorar
9. Jim Pepper - Ya Na Ho
10. Chavez - Top Pocket Man
11. Vaz - They've Won
12. Retribution Gospel Choir - Bless Us All

Side B
African Head Charge - "Environmental Studies"